District 4 is home to world renowned Museum Mile, Carnegie Hall, The New York Public Library, and independent theater productions. The Arts are ingrained in our DNA and enrich our lives, but we risk losing essential arts programs in New York City due to Donald Trump’s proposal to cut the National Endowment for the Arts from the federal budget. Marti is prepared to work alongside artists, musicians, actors, and dancers to ensure that New York remains an artist-friendly city by protecting and fighting for the arts funding and culture programs that make our City the cultural capital of the world.




  • Work with the many arts advocacy organizations in NYC to fight for the classroom space and funding schools need to provide their students with a rich education in music, drama, visual arts, and dance.

  • Stand up to employers who unfairly misclassify working artists as independent contractors and prevent misclassification before it happens by educating artists about their rights and informing employers about labor best practices.

  • Build on existing pilot that exchange workshops for public school students, seniors, and NYCHA residents, for access to rehearsal/performance spaces as advocated by League of Independent Theaters NY (LITNY).
  • Advocate for the Mayor’s office of Media and Entertainment to adopt grant awards guidelines that ensure that arts institutions are paying their musicians and actors fairly.

  • Sign onto City Council’s City Spaces legislation to create a searchable database of underutilized community and city-owned spaces that can serve as performance and rehearsal spaces.

  • Expand the Theater Subdistrict Fund to include arts organizations with budgets below $250,000/year.

  • Relieve independent venues of high property taxes and rents by using rezoning and landmarking measures.

  • Ensure that individuals who make their living from their art have a loud voice in the conversation about affordable housing and ensure that their needs are being met with the creation of new developments (read more about Marti’s plan for affordable housing here).