A zip code should never determine the quality of childcare and the educational opportunities available to families. Our children deserve an education that prepares them for the future - including access to broadband, STEM training, and financial literacy tools. The City is responsible for engaging parents, maintaining facilities and playgrounds, and ensuring nutritional meal programs. Marti believes in increased funding for our city schools and a sustained commitment to educational equity. 


MARTI's plaN for education

  • Provide a citywide after-school financial literacy program to educate high school students about student loans, saving, credit, and budgeting.
  • Expand outreach and opportunities for students and families to become more familiar with STEM career paths and programs as early as elementary school and continuing through high school.
  • Utilize public-private partnerships to expand the New York Public Library’s Hotspot loan program, which will ensure that children have the adequate broadband service required to successfully complete their homework.
  • Ensure that the Department of Education continues to collect information on race/ethnicity, gender, special education status, English language learner status, primary home language, and address of residence for all pre-K children in order to analyze how to best integrate UPK and identify opportunities for integrated classrooms
  • Require schools and universities who receive City funding to train staff on how to respond when students experience cyberbullying as advocated by Hollaback.


facilities + maintenance 

  • Increase funding for school construction and repair to alleviate crowding and facility rationing.
  • Monitor the number of available UPK seats in District 4 and ensure that the gap is closed by identifying new providers and easily accessible locations. 



  • To increase equitable access, hire additional counselors in schools to help parents navigate the complex open enrollment process.  
  • Conduct comprehensive, consistent outreach to parents and others in school communities to increase and foster parent interest and participation in their children’s schools and education.
  • Convene parent advocates from around the City to share best practices, urgent issues, and creative solutions for our local schools. 



  • Research and scale proven programs that encourage healthy eating and fitness habits for students.
  • Pass an immediate ban on deep/flash-fried foods and junk food vending machines to reduce childhood obesity.
  • Expand funding for school gardens and gardening programs as well as after-school cooking programs.