In light of the devastating 2016 elections, we are fortunate to live in New York City, a community that values diversity, equality and democratic ideals. Our City is a sanctuary for immigrants, for women, for the LGBT community, for working families, and we must spare no effort in keeping it that way. Our work here is more important than ever. We must do everything in our power to ensure that New York City remains an example for the rest of the country, a place where progressive values continue to ripen and grow. In a city that harbors the Statue of Liberty and a District that hosts the United Nations, we are not turning back the clock.

District 4 is an example of New York City at its finest: diverse, entrepreneurial, unstoppable, and bighearted. Everywhere I go I see the strength of our ideas and the character of our neighborhoods. I believe in the power of government to make a difference in people's lives. I've heard your ideas and formed a platform around a simple, yet provocative idea: a livable city. Imagine a community where teachers and nurses can afford to live in the neighborhoods in which they work. Imagine a wasteless city where marine transfer stations are unnecessary. Imagine a city where small businesses can flourish and thrive.

Making the right choices on housing, education, transportation and the environment will be key to preserving the high quality of life our residents deserve, and that is why I am running for City Council. If elected, I will both advocate for everyday priorities and work to keep New York City on the forefront of innovation and positive change. Again, we invite you to join the conversation. Your ideas are critical to our mission of making our neighborhoods more affordable, livable and successful. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally at