A major source of noise pollution - one that hits home in our district - is development. The East Side is experiencing major high-rise construction as demonstrated with the recently approved Midtown East rezoning. Noise pollution is much more than an annoyance - it’s a public health issue that can disrupt sleep, affect blood pressure and interfere with children’s ability to learn. In our district, we face construction noise from widespread development, noisy nightlife establishments, and constant sirens from nearby hospitals on First Ave. We need new policies and strategies to address this growing problem of noise pollution with better coordination, communication, and enforcement.



  • Improve communication between the State Liquor Authority and NYPD to ramp up enforcement actions against noisy nightlife establishments who repeatedly violate the City’s noise code.

  • Stop the issuance of After Hours Variances in neighborhoods that are already overburdened by construction continuing past normal work hours.

  • Bring back “No Honking” signs to the city’s noisiest intersections, using 311 data to determine where they should be placed.

  • Work with the NYPD and FDNY to initiate a Request for Proposal for quieter siren technology that doesn’t penetrate into the homes of nearby residents.