The East Side of Manhattan is currently undergoing one of the most significant construction projects in decades: the creation of the long-awaited Second Avenue subway. Marti will fight to keep construction on time and on budget, and ensure we get the funding we deserve to keep our roads, buses and subways from falling into disrepair. As the population in District 4 increases, so too does the demand for transit and the strain placed on our streets and public transportation infrastructure. A robust and comprehensive transportation network must be a priority.


Marti's PLAN for transportation 

  • Hold the MTA accountable for completion of the Second Avenue Subway since the first phase alone decreased travel times and crowding on the Lexington Avenue line. 
  • Work with the Department of Transportation to quickly identify the best locations for short-term expansion of Select Bus Service on the Upper East Side to reduce congestion on the Lexington line.   
  • Expand and protect local bus service to increase mobility for seniors and people with disabilities. 
  • Advocate for Move NY's fair tolling plan to maintain, modernize, and expand our road, bridge, and transit networks. 
  • Ensure all public school students are provided with a full fare MetroCard by collaborating with the MTA, NYC Department of Education and NYC Office of Pupil Transportation.
  • Tie further expansion of ridesharing services to a commitment to put more wheelchair accessible vehicles on the road.



  • Hire more bike cops to improve bicycling conditions, safety against careless drivers, and mobility, but also protect pedestrians and seniors from aggressive biking behavior. 
  • Work with the Department of Transportation to model new, lengthy, protected bike lanes much like the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Bike Route, which will not interfere with pedestrian plazas or traffic. 
  • Follow up on the Transportation Alternative's recommendation to put Vision Zero 2024 back on schedule by adopting interim annual reduction targets and increasing funding for the Department of Transportation to allow for the redesign of the most dangerous streets and intersections, like 76th and Park.